Plant Information Management System (PIMS)

Plant Information Management System (PIMS) Based On OSIsoft PI Software

Reliable, accurate, timely PIMS plant information means better business and management decisions.

PIMS system gives everyone from operator to management levels in the enterprise access to critical, real-time plant data. With PIMS system, data becomes information -- information to help management and operations make the management decisions that increase profitability and move the enterprise ahead. That’s the power of our PIMS solution based on OSIsoft PI software.

OSIsoft PI software is a direct virtual window into your production process, enabling plant management to operate your entire enterprise based on solid operational information. OSIsoft PI software captures raw plant production data in real-time from virtually any source and, through a suite of user-configurable reporting, analysis and Web software or system tools, displays current and past operating conditions on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

This valuable information is also stored online in the system at its original resolution for decades to come. Imagine the power of OSIsoft PI software real-time data, available 24/7 wherever you are, capturing all aspects of your operations at the unit, plant and enterprise level.

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