Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

helps laboratories increase productivity, lower operating costs, and improve quality.

LIMS configurable process automation and communication capabilities enable laboratories to model their business-specific workflows, seamlessly integrate with robots and analytical instruments, effectively manage samples, and meet government regulations.

No two companies manage their laboratories alike. They may share some common information management requirements, but their unique combination of industry, market, and internal business processes necessitates a laboratory information management system that can be configured to meet their specific organizational requirements, as well as, rapidly adapt to their changing needs.

Accordingly, SAPPHIRE provides pertinent laboratory information management solution features, along with robust functional modules and easy-to-use configuration capabilities, allowing the same solution to be tailored to the unique requirements of each laboratory around the world and across the organization's R&D pipeline and manufacturing supply chain.

The LIMS Matrix charts the breadth and depth of the solutions that LIMS delivers with its flagship product suite, SAPPHIRE. A SAPPHIRE Solution is comprised of a combination of SAPPHIRE Enterprise Platform, SAPPHIRE modules, configuration through our Evergreen Web Page Designer, Reporting & Analytics-Driven Decision Support and integration of 3rd party instruments & applications

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