Material Movement Management System

helps to manage the movement of material from receiving raw materials to the despatch of final products for a process manufacturing and storage facilities.

Material Movement Orders Management

• Receipt/Despatch Order Management
• Automatic download from ERP or Third Party Order Scheduling System
• Manual Order Creation and Maintenance
• Order-Carrier Assignment (Trucks and Ships)
• Order Status Management
• Order Invoicing
• Material Movement Operations

Management Movement Verification

• Bay/Berth Allocation
• Loading Advice Generation
• Multiple Compartment Loading Handling
• Interface with Field Equipment for Real Time Monitoring
• Entrance/Exit Barrier Control
• Alarms Handling
• Emergency Shutdown
• Link with Laboratory Information Management System for Sample Request and Test Result

• Tank Farm Management

Real-Time Product Measurement at Ambient Standard
• Tank Status Monitoring
• Alarms Handling
• Material Transfer Operations
• Tanks, Pumps and Valves Status Reporting
• Inventory Management

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